Orthognathic Surgery Montgomery County Md

How Orthognathic Surgery Montgomery County  can Make you look Good

Orthognathic Surgery montgomery county Md

Orthognathic Surgery montgomery county Md

The misalignment and other problems with one’s face, especially the orientation and alignment of the jaws may affect the physical appearance of the patient, which may result to emotional and psychological problems.

Orthognathic Surgery (Greek “orthos” means straight and “gnathos” means jaw) is a maxillofacial surgery (surgery that involves the face and jaw region) which is performed to correct the condition of the jaws.

This involves conditions wherein the jaws are moved forward / backward, upward / downward, and sidewards, in the facial soft tissue of the mouth, lips, tip of the nose and chin.

This is to achieve facial harmony in which the jaws and every part near them are put into their proper position in relation with their surrounding anatomy.

Unaligned jaws are the most common reasons for having an Orthognathic Surgery Montgomery County Md expert consult you.

Orthognathic Surgery Montgomery County Procedures

The surgery does not require cutting of skin as the whole surgical process is inside the mouth, so there is no need to worry about scars in the chin, mouth, jaws, etc.

The Orthognathic surgical procedure is performed under general anaesthesia causing the patient to lose consciousness during the whole operation. Also, the procedure employs nasal intubation rather than the usual oral.

The purpose of using nasal intubation (or Nasotracheal Intubation) is to minimize neck movement during operation and it won’t get in the way during the whole procedure.

Types of Orthognathic Surgery

There are several types of Orthognathic surgery based on the condition and orientation of the jaws and the teeth.

“Open Bite”
An Open Bite is a malocclusion in which the set of teeth of one jaw does not make contact with the other set of teeth when closing the mouth. This condition usually happens when the jaws don’t grow appropriately.

In this case, the surgeon will make a cut on the upper jaw, removing some bones on the tooth bearing part of the jaw and then reposition the jaws in order for the teeth of both upper and lower jaw to have contact and be aligned properly with each other. The cut portion of the jaw will be secured with special plates and screws while healing.

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